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Simple Fancy Pop Up

Simple Fancy Popup
All the UI developers are familiar with popup windows. Most of the web applications will have atleast one popup used in it. May be for showing some custom messages, some additional information, data select options etc… So, we can say popup is commonly used by all UI developers....
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Validate Checkbox Using jQuery

How to validate checkbox using jQuery ? This is a simple way to check whether the checkbox is checked or not. So this way we can validate the checkbox. A single line of code will provide the status of checkbox using jQuery or a single line of code...
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Datepicker altField

Date  Format/datepicker altField What is datepicker altfield? How to change the date format in datepicker when we want to send the date in a different format to server? Or how to set datepicker altField? First we have to add a hidden field for getting the different format of...
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